In The Darkness

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i thought i was happy
yeah at least i went through the motions
i was always laughin'
what was left of my emotions

and my whole life was compromised
and my smile undisguised
then i met you and i let you
ooh i let you touch me

in the darkness
you make see how lucky it feels
in the darkness
i thought i'd go crazy

yeah i couldn't sleep through the nightime
i would toss and turn
in between the sheets and my mind
ooh i sleep like a baby now

with you here you're my baby now
every night i want surprises
when you touch me


and when i had nothing to hold
you showed me the handle
oh and i was so cold
you were a vigilant candle
in the darkness
in the darkness
in the darkness
in the in the darkness


Artist: Taylor Dayne

Album: Tell It To My Heart

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